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My name is Romeo Antolin Jr. I’m a freelance writer, fur-parent, gamer, and lifelong learner. 

I’ve written over a million words for countless clients under different niches. Within roughly four years, I quintupled my per-word rate and built a fruitful career as a professional wordsmith. 

I created this blog to help freelancers like you do the same. 

I’m a full-time content writer and editor for a digital brand based abroad. 

If you’re reading this, it means I finally overcame laziness and decided to pursue my dream of being a blogger. 

Am I making millions with this blog? 

Probably not. But since writing is something I really enjoy, I’m already successful in my book. 

You’re here because you want more out of your freelancing career. 

Terrible pay, unreasonable clients, unrealistic deadlines — been there, done that. 

The road to overcoming these challenges isn’t easy. But, now that you’re here, rest assured that you won’t face them alone.