Top 7 Websites That Pay for Guest Posts From Freelance Writers (Make up to $150 per Post)

Freelance clients gone cold? 

Want to spend your downtime productively – perhaps make a quick buck while you’re at it?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already know where this is going. 

Today, we’ll talk about blogs that accept guest posts. 

Oh yeah, these websites will pay you for them as well. 

Let’s start with a quick introduction.

What is Guest Posting?

When I read the word “guest post,” I immediately think about guest posting as a link building strategy. 

Link building is an essential part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It involves acquiring hyperlinks from high-authority websites, which improves a website’s rank-worthiness in the eyes of search engines.

How Link Building Works
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This is something bloggers, businesses, and marketers relentlessly do for SEO

They pitch an idea, write the content, send it over for publishing, and repeat. 

For website owners, accepting guest posts is a great way to get new blog content. Contributors, in return, can secure backlinks by adding them to guest posts themselves. 


That sounds cool and all. But we’re not here to talk about SEO, are we?

Take note, backlinks aren’t the only things contributors can get from this deal.

First, submitting guest posts is a great way to establish credibility and authority in any niche. 

In most guest posting arrangements, website owners give credit to contributors through a byline. That’s the “author bio box” you sometimes see before or after an article. 

My Author Bio from Craft Your Content
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Neat, right? 

Other than that, there are websites that actually pay cash for contributions. 

Yep – you can build your credibility and make money at the same time through guest posts. 

Absolute Win GIF
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I bet paid guest post opportunities are what you’re here for.  I added the word “Pay” to this post’s title, after all. 

Without further ado, here’s a list of websites that pay writers for guest post submissions:

1. Craft Your Content

Niches: Writing, editing, blogging, entrepreneurship

Craft Your Content
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Allow me to start with a website I’ve personally contributed to.

Craft Your Content is a website that provides writing, editing, and productivity advice to thousands of readers. It is founded and managed by the very hands-on Elisa Doucette – a veteran writer and editor. 

If you think you can help their cause, they can pay you $75-150 for a 1,000-word post.

2. FreelanceMom 

Niches: Business, money management, productivity, personal development, marketing

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FreelanceMom is the brainchild of entrepreneur, business professor, and mother of two Lisa Stein. 

Despite the name, FreelanceMom doesn’t actually focus on freelancing-related topics. Instead, Lisa intended the site to be the go-to resource for business-minded moms. 

As such, you’ll find loads of content on entrepreneurship, productivity, money management, marketing, and even direct selling.  

FreelanceMom pays $75-100 for a 900-word guest post. 

3. The Penny Hoarder

Niches: Money management, debt management, investing, taxes, credit scores, retirement

The Penny Hoarder
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Got some unique personal financial advice that you’d like to share with the world?

The Penny Hoarder might be interested in paying you for that. 

Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Kyle Taylor, The Penny Hoarder is one of the biggest personal finance websites in America. 

When it comes to guest posts, you’ll have to discuss payment with a designated editor. However, some blogs reveal that they pay $75 for an article with around 700-900 words. 

4. Listverse

Niches:  Entertainment, lifestyle, general knowledge, funny

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Listicles are great. They’re fun to read, easy to write, and extremely informative. 

They’re also the main focus of Listverse – a website with lists about mysteries, movies, health, society, and everything in between. 

Listverse will pay contributors $100 for a list with at least 10 items. You can write about any topic as long as they deem it valuable and interesting enough for their readers. 

5. Carve Magazine

Niches: Poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Carve Magazine
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This next website doesn’t exactly accept guest posts. Rather, they pay writers to contribute to their print and digital issues. 

Carve Magazine is a subscription-based publication that accepts short stories, poetry, and nonfiction works from contributors all over the world. 

Story submissions are worth $100, whereas poetry and nonfiction submissions are paid $50.

6. Elite Personal Finance 

Niches: Credit cards, scholarships, loans, money management, security

Elite Personal Finance
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Ready to make some serious bucks?

Elite Personal Finance is a website that pays a generous $300 for guest post submissions. 

They accept articles on topics related to personal finance, including entrepreneurship, loans, credit reports, and making money online. 

Just remember to put your best foot forward when submitting your guest post. They have a long backlog of article submissions waiting to get published – make yours stand out.  

7. Writing Revolt

Niches: Freelance writing, money management, copywriting

Writing Revolt
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Writing Revolt is my favorite kind of blog. 

Its lifeblood is a community of writers banding together – contributing tips and stories for fellow freelance writers. 

The website is founded and run by freelance writing business owner, Jorden Makelle. She also offers courses that can teach you skills like cold emailing, SEO, and portfolio building. 

Writing Revolt currently pays $100 for guest posts. Pitches can be about anything related to freelance writing, but they also have a list of topics they’re looking for.  


That’s it – the top seven websites that pay for guest posts. 

Do remember that I built this guest posting websites list with the average freelance writer in mind. 

With a little digging, you can probably find dozens of other websites that pay for contributions. However, a lot of those websites require contributors to be experts in certain industries – from medicine to espresso machines. 

If you’d like me to write about those websites in the future, let me know in the comments below

Good luck!

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